Strategic Planning Coordinators (SPC) assess strategic initiatives' conformance with wider state objectives and ensure that strategic initiatives' execution supports a consistent aligned strategy; and upon request, assist state agencies in the development of their annual information technology-related legislative budget requests.

Organizational Structure

AST Strategic Planning Coordinators - roles and agencies served.

AST Strategic Planning Coordinators - roles and agencies served.


Role of the Agency for State Technology's SPCs:

Agency Outreach:

  • Strengthen partnerships with agencies to promote effective and efficient IT investments
  • Understand agencies' business (mission, drivers, services, partners, challenges, barriers, and customer engagement strategies)
  • Identify agencies' IT environment, data usage, and alignment to strategic goals

Legislative Budget Requests (LBR):

  • Upon request, assist agencies with development of LBRs and business case documentation
  • Assess LBR and business case documentation for the Governor's Office of Policy and Budget
  • Provide LBR recommendations to improve likelihood of success and compliance with OPB requirements
  • Assess completed and implemented projects for achievement of proposed savings and efficiencies

Agency IT Collaboration:

  • Collect and mature ideas for IT improvements, innovation, cost savings, and share solutions
  • Provide recommendations for enterprise IT standardization, consolidation, and collaboration
  • Facilitate cross-agency teams to refine concepts for shared solutions and shared data
  • Maintain a body of knowledge with best practices and tools for IT initiatives

Internal Project Management:

  • Develop and implement successful AST internal products and processes
  • Collaborate with AST management in the development of key initiatives