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Backup and Recovery Platform

  • Data Protection Service
  • Data Archival Service

Database Platform

  • Oracle Services
  • Oracle Storage Services
  • DB2 for LUW (UDB) Services
  • SQL Managed Instance
  • SQL Capacity Unit

Data Center Facility and Operations

  • Additional Electrical Circuit (Co-location service)
  • Floor Tiles (Co-location service)
  • Rack Mounts (Co-location service)
  • Tape Vault: On-site
  • Tape Vault: Offsite
  • Scheduling Services

Mainframe Platform

  • z/OS Processing
  • Backup/Virtual Storage
  • CICS Processing
  • DB2 Processing
  • DCF DB2 Processing
  • DCF IMS Processing
  • DCF Storage
  • Storage

Managed Applications

  • Hosted Messaging Archive Service
  • Citrix

Network Platform

  • Load Balancing and Proxy
  • Network Unit

Open Systems Platform

  • EDI Translation
  • Web/App/File Transfer Services
  • Linux/UNIX Capacity Unit
  • Linux/UNIX Managed Server

Storage Platform

  • Block-Based Storage Service
  • Object-Based Storage Service

Windows Platform

  • Windows Capacity Unit
  • Windows Managed Server

Direct Service Offerings