The Chief of Financial Operations (CFO), Traci Ray, reports to the State of Florida’s Chief Information Officer and provides oversight of the Agency for State Technology’s (AST) Finance and Accounting, Budget and Policy, Cost Recovery and Billing, and Procurement sections.

The CFO's role is to:

  • Manage a complex cost recovery system to charge back AST direct and indirect costs to customer agencies for recovering the full cost of services provided and ensuring compliance with generally accepted accounting principles and federal cost recovery requirements. (This includes the development of projected agency impacts and monthly billing process involving charging customer agencies for utilization of AST services.)
  • Provide updates and detailed explanations related to agency billing vs. budget to the Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget, Florida Senate, and Florida House of Representatives, and customer agencies.
  • Initiate effective processes, policies, and procedures to ensure a comprehensive, accurate, and timely cost allocation and billing process.
  • Develop the agency Legislative Budget Request (LBR) and unit cost schedule for the Long Range Program Plan (LRPP) using the Legislative Appropriations System/Planning and Budgeting Subsystem (LAS/PBS) and Florida Fiscal Portal.  (This includes legislative budget request exhibits and schedules and other documents related to budget preparation and reporting. )
  • Prepare summaries and presentations of the LBR issues and present the requests to the Governor’s Office of Policy and Budget, Florida Senate, and Florida House of Representatives appropriations committees.
  • Recommend and prepare technical issues to better align positions and budget for improved budget management.
  • Monitor customer agency appropriations provided for paying AST for services.
  • Work with customer agency staff to keep them apprised of the AST budget activities, proposed budget changes, and amendments impacting their agencies.
  • Oversee AST procurement activities, approve requisitions, and Certified Equipment Financing Program applications.
  • Oversee AST accounting operations activities; including accounts receivable, revenue, payment of invoices, property control, year-end close out and Schedule I development.
  • Identify and implement efficiencies and cost saving measures.
  • Respond to and participate in audits as appropriate, providing corrective action plans and updates as required.

Florida Fiscal Portal - Legislative Budget Request FY2018-19