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The Technology Advisory Council, consisting of seven members, is established within the Agency for State Technology: four members of the council are appointed by the Governor, two members must be from the private sector. The President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives each appoint one member of the council. The Attorney General, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services, and the Chief Financial Officer jointly appoint one member by agreement of a majority of these officers.

The council considers and makes recommendations to the Executive Director on such matters as enterprise information technology policies, standards, services, and architecture. The council may also identify and recommend opportunities for the establishment of public-private partnerships when considering technology infrastructure and services in order to accelerate project delivery and provide a source of new or increased project funding.

The Executive Director consults with the council with regard to executing the duties and responsibilities of the agency related to statewide information technology strategic planning and policy.

Current Roster (last updated 4/6/2016)

Susan Amat, of Miami, is appointed by Governor Scott.

Frank Attkisson, of St. Cloud, is appointed by the President of the Senate, Andy Gardiner.

Peter Butler, of Tallahassee, is appointed by Governor Scott.

Steven Evans, of Tallahassee, is appointed by the Speaker of the House, Steve Crisafulli.

Kenneth Fountain, of Pensacola, is appointed by Governor Scott.

Allen Ginder, of Jacksonville, is appointed by Governor Scott.

Donna Slyster, of Orlando, is jointly appointed by Attorney General Pam Bondi, the Commissioner of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Adam H. Putnam, and the Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Atwater.


Meeting Materials

TAC Meeting 4-8-16:


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